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Press Room

Welcome to the Press Room of Here, members of the press and media can find essential resources, including media assets and press releases, to cover news and stories related to LGBTQIA+ rights, diversity, and inclusion. We value your interest in spreading awareness and promoting equal rights, and we are pleased to provide the following materials for your use:

Press Releases

10-09-2023: Introducing Championing LGBTQIA+ Equality and Acceptance Worldwide

Media Assets:

We understand the importance of accurate and comprehensive coverage of LGBTQIA+ issues and the efforts to promote equal rights globally. As such, we have made these resources available to assist you in your reporting. Feel free to use the provided press releases and media assets while covering stories related to LGBTQIA+ rights and the journey toward a more inclusive society.

For additional information, interviews, or specific media inquiries, please contact:

Media Relations:

Name: Allex Radu

Email: [email protected]

We appreciate your dedication to raising awareness and fostering understanding about LGBTQIA+ rights. Thank you for your support and commitment to promoting a world where diversity and equality are celebrated.

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