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Introducing Championing LGBTQIA+ Equality and Acceptance Worldwide

Worldwide, 10-09-2023 – Today marks the official launch of, an innovative platform tailored to bolster LGBTQIA+ voices, share pivotal information, and advocate for equality and justice globally. This initiative is an embodiment of the vision and mission of Radergy, a driving force behind many inclusive projects worldwide.

Radergy’s Vision and Mission at the Heart of

At Radergy, our vision has always been to foster a world where every individual, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression, can live authentically, safely, and equally. We have strived to make this vision a reality by actively pushing for informed societies that celebrate, not merely tolerate, diversity.

Our mission, reflected profoundly in, is to provide comprehensive and reliable resources, tools, and platforms that break barriers, challenge biases, and propel global movements for LGBTQIA+ rights.

What Brings to the Global Community:

  • Robust Knowledge Repository: Dive deep into a wide-ranging collection that covers everything from LGBTQIA+ terminologies to global rights and legislations.
  • Global LGBTQIA+ News & Milestones: Be updated with real-time news, significant legal shifts, and groundbreaking events from across the globe.
  • Community Connect: Join hands with LGBTQIA+ community members and allies worldwide, share stories, seek advice, and build bridges of understanding.
  • Empowerment through Education: Tools, resources, and courses designed for both the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies, aiding in spreading knowledge and fostering proactive advocacy.

Stepping Towards a Unified, Inclusive Future is more than just a website; it represents a collective aspiration for global inclusivity. It aligns with Radergy’s unyielding commitment to promote understanding and strengthen advocacy efforts universally.


Created with dedication and purpose by Radergy’s team, stands tall as a non-profit beacon determined to advance LGBTQIA+ rights and understanding worldwide. Prioritizing accuracy, inclusivity, and unwavering respect, we endeavor to guide and inspire all those working towards a world united in acceptance.

Press Contact:

Allex Radu

Global Communications Lead,

Email: [email protected]

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